Salmo 11 (12)

Sobre el “título” cf. Salmo 6, 1. David compuso este Salmo probablemente en los días amargos de la persecución de Saúl (I Reyes capítulos 18 ss.), cuando veía bien que sólo en Dios podía poner su confianza

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Wind So Free

Wind So Free Let me be the wind, flying everywhere, flying nowhere, riding the blue hounds while humans lie asleep. I cross the English channel, waltz down Paris streets. Ah, the amber of bright bridges and the river slow and deep. I float down to Marseilles and flirt with tall, dark ships. Spin to Casablanca, […]

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Haley Niedra There is no silence Like the silence of a snowfall. Those little frozen flakes Break away from cloud and sky Hurling themselves towards The earth. Little white gems against the vast Dark and dreary nature. Maybe they hope to brighten it, They cry out as they fall – In glee Or fear – […]

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Thanksgiving By. Grace Cleys We shouldn’t for special days. To show our care and love Each day we live we should give thanks As we greet God above. He gave us life, lie gave us hope He’s with us every day He always comes in time of need To guide us on our way. Why […]

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RAIN So sore and confused I touch the raindrops but they never touch you All withered and frail your arms outstretched welcoming the gloom I tremble violently under scarred old clouds and they push me down Into the dirt I groan as I swallow each bite of the frozen ground The wind makes me wince […]

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Una Mañana en la Ciudad…

Las mañanas son como cualquiera, la Luna aún se refresca en el río turbulento; Es inimaginable sonreir en medio de tanta soledad…Sus templos empiezan a abrir sus puertas,pero sus corazones son lentos en comprender;Su tiempo es algo raro en manifiesto…Son cortinas los sauces que escondenlas lágrimas que brotan de cada adoquin;es de colores satinados su […]

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Today Today the sun does not feel so foreign to my lips Today these eyes do not appear so solemn in your midst Perhaps someone whispered a prayer to dispel my innermost veneers Granted me freedom from having to uphold a facade of tears I think I will wander under the sun while its warmth […]

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